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【恭喜獲獎】2023 SID Fellow & Special Recognition Award

2023年6月15日 上午9:00:00

恭喜 臺灣大學光電工程學研究所 李君浩教授榮獲2023 SID FELLOW
恭喜 工研院電光系統所 李正中博士榮獲2023 SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD


The membership grade of Fellow is awarded to an SID member who has made outstanding and widely recognized engineering or scientific contributions to the display field. The number of SID Fellow awards each year is limited to a small fraction of Society membership, and is approved by the SID Board of Directors.

Jiun-Haw Lee

For his outstanding contribution to the science and technology of OLED displays

and especially for improvements in the efficiency and lifetime of blue triplet-triplet

annihilation and phosphorescent OLEDs.

Jiun-Haw Lee is currently a distinguished professor with the Graduate

Institute of Photonics and Optoelectronics and Department of Electrical

Engineering at National Taiwan University (NTU). He also serves as the

associate vice president for international affairs and deputy director of the

AUO-NTU Joint Research Center at NTU. Since joining NTU as a faculty

member in 2003, he has focused on OLED research for boosting device

efficiency and operation lifetime, especially blue triplet-triplet annihilation,

and phosphorescent OLED. From 2000–2003, Lee worked at RiTdisplay

Corporation, a major passive-matrix OLED manufacturer. Lee received a

PhD in electrical engineering from NTU. He has published one book, two invited book chapters,

more than 130 referred journal articles, more than 400 conference papers, and more than 80

patents. He is a member of SID’s Asian Committee and served as editor in chief for JSID from

2018 to 2022.

Cheng-Chung Lee

For his outstanding contributions to the development and commercialization

of flexible displays, smart display systems with AR function, fan-out panel-level

packages, and flexible hybrid electronics technologies.

Cheng-Chung Lee is deputy general director of Electronics and Optoelectronics

System Research Laboratories for the Industrial Technology

Research Institute (ITRI) and secretary general of the Taiwan Display Union

Association (TDUA). He has more than 25 years of R&D experience in

process, device, module, and system integration. He holds a PhD in material

science and engineering from National Chiao Tung University. Lee has published

more than 20 papers journals and conferences and has more than 100

patents relating to display technologies.


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