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About SID


    Taiwan is not only an important country of origin for TFT LCD , but also an important market for the equipment, materials, and key components required for the production of LCD panels. Many materials and equipment vendors from other  countries gather here.

    Society for Information Display is the most authoritative international organization in the field of image display technology, and the "Institute of Information Display Society of the Republic of China" is a branch in Taiwan.

  • Support the activities and goals of The Society for Information Display.

  • Encourage and engage in the development and promotion of information display in education and science. Provide gatherings to share and promote the ideas and knowledge about the display of information.

  • Organize some activities for members to communicate with each other.

  • Publish conference journals and related publications.

  • Handle other activities which have the same mission with the association.

    The events organized include international seminars, speech from internationally renowned scholars, etc. The International Display Manufacturing Conference (IDMC), an international display manufacturing conference held every two years, is the largest seminar on flat panel display technology in the world. The "Taiwan Flat Panel Display Exhibition" is a outstanding stage for presenting Taiwan's display industry in the international arena.

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